CAF across Bengaluru

FORWARD Federation ( FF ) & V.V.Nagar ( HMT layout ) Welfare Assn ( RWA) were able to achieve the following in the last few years .
There are cases where other NGOs, RWAs would have also tried to get involved . 

  1. Bus bay at Mekhri circle 
    Two of the constraints at Mekhri Circle were taken up by FED . ever since new International Airport was built huge traffic jam is noticed near Mekhri circle needing bus bay near IAF Training Command .Secondly residents found it impossible to cross towards Army establishments, quarters , MLA Layout, Rahamat Nagar etc. Finally Defense Dept released space for bus bay and it is being taken up . Overhead pedestrian cross is built now ( 2008 onwards ).

  2. Stopped Mall coming up instead of existing BDA complex near Taralabalu in R.T.Nagar.  Mall would have caused immense damage to the locality due to traffic , parking around residences, and affecting peace and tranquility of the area which is already causing to some extent due to weddings at Taralabalu ( 2011& 2013 )

  3. One of the residents was building a four storey house, later converting the same into a hospital in Ex Serviceman Colony in R.T.Nagar,a residential area with 30 ft road in the front. He ignored the plea of other residents. FF was contacted. FF got involved in solving the problem. Finally a philanthropist Sr advocate ensured stay in the high court with a condition that violator shall not occupy the place without the permission of Court (2014).

  4. Due to series of efforts of FF and RWA a large ground was fenced so that only children can use the ground for playing instead of misusing the place for eateries, parking of Lorries, storage of bricks etc. Later the entire surrounding of this ground with footpaths were cleared from vendors of eateries, shops and tiles were laid, thanks to Corporator who ensured that our plea was addressed ( 1991-2012 ) .

  5. Conducted several workshops to educate people on SWM and the need for segregation including visiting house to house in some area 

  6. Held interaction meets between residents and contestants so that we have better person to represent.

  7. FF initiated signal lights near R.T.Nagar police station and near Taralabalu Road and 80 ft road junction. Continuously followed up to get signal lights installed ( 2008-2012 )

  8. We have been working for making our area a model area and continually followed up with BBMP for road upkeep, garbage clearance and followed up with BWSSB for , regular water supply. Our pressure on BWSSB ensured a separate water line for Kavalbyrasandra so that our area could get more water ensuring less complaints from residents.

  9. In order to avoid vacant sites being used as dust bin and for urination some of the sites were used to play shuttle and a few were used by nursery.

  10. Held constant meetings with Traffic police and several issues were resolved in the area