Legal Intervention



A PIL to reverse Masterplan provisions, which RELAXES NORMS AND ALLOWS commercial establishments in practically every residential area. Result.PIL Disposed in our favour, with a clear judgement, which states in ring 1 and 2, no further commercial establishments can be established esp in residential and mixed residential zones.Commercial activities to be restricted to commercial axis and mutation corridors. In ring 3, a little relaxation. Commercial activities to be restricted to a specified list and specific road widths.

b) HC WRIT AND NGT PETITION against 100 acre project on Belandur wetlands.

Kiadb sanctioned a 100 acres residential, commercial, SEZ development on the banks of the Belandur lake. Scientific analysis convinced us that this project would spell disaster for the lake and create major flood hazards for Koramangala and HSR areas.
Further traffic congestion and pollution would be at an unlivable level on Sarjapur road.
Developers are mantri and Coremind. Status.NGT has found various illegalities including encroachment of 3 acres from Lake land. All environmental sanctions have been cancelled. Severe fines are imposed on builders.Buildings in buffer zone to be brought down. Further the judgment has pan Bengaluru / Karnataka implication as buffer zones have been clearly .and more stringently defined prospectively for lakes and Kaluves. The judgment also advises Gok to declare wetlands in Karnataka immediately. All big projects to use only recycled water

c) PIL ON Akrama Sakrama.

CAF believes the existing proposed provisions only benefits big violators. It also does not have any provisions to punish government officials who allowed bye law violations.
CAF solutions include neighbour approvals for regularization, no regularisation of zonal violations, penal proceedings against officials who allowed illegality ,making builders and developers liable for fines rather than individual house/flat owners, amongst others.
More importantly we seek from the authorities –
– to demonstrate their right intentions by first specifying how future violations will be stopped.
– action on buildings which are in excess of the proposed. Status – Virtual stay in the implementation of the scheme


Along with our advocacy and lobbying to adhere to letter and spirit of the 74th amendment, this is essential about devolving power to the municipalities.
Power is still rests at the state government and the BDA. Status -on going

e) Challenging PPP of Mantri with BMRCL;

This PIL was not heard on merits and was disposed of, so we have now completed the formalities to approach Supreme Court as we believe we have a water tight case here.


CAF members have made concerted efforts to ensure visibility in print and TV media. And we have been effective as we have come out with opinions, been interviewed, organized press conferences and all mainstream media have told our Point of view.